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World Book Day is Thursday 2nd March!

Books are such an important part of developing language, listening and attention skills, which is why a bed time story each night is so crucial.

Books help excite children to learn new things and through this children develop a love for learning and an interest about our world.

To celebrate this, we are inviting our children to bring in their favourite book to share with us all.


  • For your child to share / talk about their book and the storylines

  • For our practitioners to share / read the books with the children

  • To highlight to the children how important, interesting and amazing books are

The library

The library is a very valuable and FREE resource - children can take up to 30 books out at time!

Regular visits can really help children develop a love for books and learning. A good tip when helping your children choose their book in the library is to allow them to pick several books they like and for you to also choose several for them (incase their choices are quite suitable for their level)

Dress up

If your child would like to dress up as their favourite character too, we welcome all forms of dress up - from an old shirt to a cut up pillow case (it doesn't have to be shop bought) We would also like to politely ask for no super hero dress up.

Please see attached our Top Tips for Sharing Books!

Sharing Books Tips
Download PDF • 100KB


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