Our Little Sparrows children are exposed to a wealth of flavours from across the world, enabling them to explore different cultures and share social experiences with their peers. They learn from a young age how to care and grow a variety of vegetables from seeds in the garden.

Meal times are a very sociable experience. We enjoy sharing food together and children are encouraged to serve themselves, pour their own drinks and talk about their day.

Our Nursery is proud to have an on-site cook who uses fresh ingredients to prepare well-balanced and nutritious meals for the children.


Our cook uses a range of Organic meat and vegetables and the simplest ingredients: No salts or sugars are added to any of the meals.

The Cook is passionate at exploring new recipes and the children look forward to her sweet potato shepherd’s pie, home made beetroot korma sauce and delicious turkey and chic pea burgers.


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Healthy Meals

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