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Our curriculum is heavily based around your child, their interests, new experiences and our values.

We teach:

  • Self-regulation through co-regulating with your child

  • A love for learning through learning about exciting topics and new experiences.

  • Independence which builds resilience in children

  • Communication in a rich learning environment

  • Kindness and empathy


We nurture children's learning characteristics such as

  • Resilience

  • Perseverance

  • Enjoying challenges

  • Building a love for learning

  • Independence 

We believe in:

  • The Montessori ethos - Good communication skills, self- esteem, independence and perseverance.

  • Co-regulating with children, by helping them work through their emotions to help them become resilient and self regulated.

  • Moving children forward and onto the next step in learning when they are ready, this is called Sequenced Learning.

  • Outside learning & Forest School experiences which develops curious minds and builds community, compassion and empathy for others

Example of some of our activities:

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 14.13.57.png


We carefully set up the environment so our babies and toddlers can safely and independently explore, play and investigate inside and outside!


Or practitioners use their expertise, knowledge and interests of each child to plan a rich and exciting learning environment, which keys into all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

We have 'time in' sessions with our babies and toddlers to give them further learning experiences, specific to their development.


As well as daily feedback, each child will have a 2 year Development Meeting when they turn 2, a Pre-School Transitional Meeting when they turn 3 years old and a Preparing for School Meeting in their last year with us.


We have our own extensive educational programme for the 3 - 4 years olds to not only help prepare the children for school but to prepare them with life skills and knowledge.


The older children also have more structured sessions together such as cooking, yoga, dance and games to promote maths and literacy as well as circle time and group story sessions.


Our termly topics are shared with our parents so you know what your child is learning about each week and it can also support you to extend your child's learning further at home too!


Examples of our topics include:

  • Earth & space

  • Caring for our world and the environment around us 

  • Influential People and Musicians

  • Exploring culture around the world

  • Amazing animal journeys & hibernation

  • Road safety

  • Transport: land, sea & air

  • Emergency services & community people

  • Growing and Plant life

  • Keeping fit & healthy

  • Wild animals & endangered animals

  • Mini beasts & insects 

  • All about our amazing bodies

  • Dinosaurs, evolution & pre-historic history


We have outside trained professionals come in to provide extra-curricular activities for our 3 & 4 year olds!

Each term we rotate the sport and the day it is on to enable the majority of pre-schoolers to take part.

Our own skilled team currently do Yoga, Drama and Music sessions.

New for 2024 is Drama! Our practitioners have been taking part in a drama training programme. The children's lessons are based on a professional lesson plan designed by Drama teachers.

  • Yoga & Mindfulness

  • Story Session Yoga

  • Music

  • Super Soccer

  • Tennis

  • Athletics

  • Dance & Movement

  • Drama - new for 2024!


Please feel free to get in touch or book in a visit

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