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Montessori has been practised across the world for over a century! We have built Little Sparrows on lots of the Montessori ethos. 


We value the importance of children being in control of their own learning and recognise how the process of learning, over the end result is crucial in building life skills such as confidence, perseverance and resilience.

Mixed age

We have times of the day where we work as mixed age group which makes us unique to most nurseries in our area.

By having experiences in a mixed age  group,  children have more opportunities to develop care, compassion and empathy for others. they learn from each other and take on roles of responsibility.


Giving children the opportunity to be independent boosts their self esteem & self confidence as well as supporting good mental health. 


We encourage children to be independent, by learning how to dress themselves,  helping each other and to help tidy up after meal times and activities.


Our practitioners recognise when a child is engrossed in learning and we try and minimise any interruptions to this.


This enables children to get into a deep level of learning. It also sends a positive message that completing work is important.

The environment

We have a strong, progressive curriculum. The children learn things that matter.

We carefully set up a rich learning environment to support each child's stage of development. We incorporate the EYFS, life experiences, and children's interests to give the best start in life.


for life

By promoting individual learning characteristics (the process over the end result!) children can develop an attitude towards learning which can essentially last a life time! 


These crucial life skills equip children to develop confidence to give new things a try, to bounce back from stressors, to persevere & to enjoy challenges.


At Little Sparrows we constantly research, reflect and evaluate our practice. Professional development is at the heart of what we do, so the we have a rigorous & stimulating training programme in place for our passionate staff team.

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