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Under 3's Funding Guides for 2024

In England, eligible children have access to 30 hours per week in term time or 1140 hours per year for three and four-year-olds of working parents. 

From April 2024

Working parents of two-year-olds were able to access 15 hours of funded childcare.

From September 2024

15 hours of funded childcare will be extended to all children from the age of nine months.

From September 2025

Working parents of children under the age of five will be entitled to 30 hours funded childcare per week.

For families not already claiming Tax-Free Childcare:

May-2024-Under-threes-funding-guides-parents-not-already-claiming-TFC (1)
Download PDF • 402KB

For families already claiming Tax-Free Childcare:

May-2024-Under-threes-funding-guides-parent-already-claiming-TFC (2)
Download PDF • 398KB

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