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Spotify Playlists

Staying fit and healthy may feel very challenging in this restrictive, lock down situation, but we hope that our playlists, can help you find fun ways for your children to engage in physical activities.

The playlists are full of songs which will be familiar to your child and I hope they will have the same enjoyment listening to them at home as they do at Nursery!

Each one of our playlists has a purpose:

1. Nursery - Dance + Rhymes (suitable for all ages)

This is our fun playlist for a little boogie and sing a long! Parents don't be afraid to join in. It includes popular songs and Nursery rhymes such as Baby Shark, Paw Patrol and Spongebob (you'll have to cover your ears for the 'SPONGEBOB' part!)

2. Nursery - Movement + Listening: (suitable for children 2 years +)

This playlist is great to get your children engaged into something more structured and it also encourages the development of their listening and attention skills.

3. Nursery - Expression: (3-5 year olds)

We use this playlist for specific structured activities to try and encourage children to think about how music can make you feel and how to express themselves. It's great for developing those skills in acting out short stories to the music.

This is our day time nap playlist, if you'd like to introduce some regularity into your child's routine, they may find some comfort in these familiar sleepy songs.

The children love the first song "We've had a lot of fun" - it's a wonderful song to help relax children. We love doing this song with the children!

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