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We have turned our behaviour policy into a nifty little guide for all our parents!

Over the last year we have transformed the way we nurture children’s mental health. We have broken down old habits and stopped ourselves using phrases like “you’re okay” or labelling behaviour by using words like “tantrum” or “attention seeking”. Instead we have adopted co-regulating phrases like “How are you feeling?” or “do you need a connection moment?”

Co-regulation isn't about bribing or avoiding situations that might create big feelings (especially disappointed feelings). It's about allowing your children to experience their feelings and giving empathy to help them through it e.g. "I know you really want to keep playing, it's really tough when bed time comes around isn't it. Do you need a hug before we go upstairs?" or "I think you might be feeling frustrated, that must be quite over whelming for you. I can wait next to you until you feel calmer?"

Pick up your guide to find out more about co-regulation, supporting mental health and behaviour tips!

If you have any questions or need advice, we are always here so please reach out us!

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