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Updated: Jan 26


We have a private members page for all our parents,

on the Spaces Wix app!

Stay in the loop with:

·       Important announcements, messages & news

·       Our Blog

·       Access our online noticeboard with one click!

·       Edit Family Home Sharing pages online and send straight to us!

How can I join?

You can find the QR code in the Nursery or in your Welcome Booklet.

Enable your notifications & Add page to your home page

Don't forget to enable notifications by tapping the 3 dots in the right hand corner. You can also 'add your devise to home screen' which visually turns the page into a little app for easy access!

What happens once my child leaves?

Once your child leaves, we will automatically delete families from being one of our members. It is your responsibility if you wish you delete your account fully from Wix.

Alternatively you can 'remove me and my data' at any time. (My profile, click the 3 dots at the top right)

Privacy and Data

We will not share any of your confidential information or children's photographs on the app.

We ask that any comments made by our families, are respectful and that the posts we create are not shared or duplicated outside of our nursery community.

You have full control over how you wish to have your name displayed and if you wish to have your profile private from other members - just click on 'My Profile' to adjust the settings.

You also have a right not to join - just let us know so we can still keep you in the loop.

For further information on Wix's privacy and security information please see:

For Further information on our General Data Protection Policy please see:

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