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Updated: May 29, 2020

Whilst we do not usually promote screen time for under 5's, we understand that during this time in lock down where social contact is limited with the outside world, that watching supervised stimulating videos together with your child, could help support your child's well-being.

It can also provide great learning opportunities where your child can ask questions and talk about what they see. By role modelling excitement and curiosity can also help promote your child to wonder and want to discover.

Open questions can really support this. For example: "I wonder... " ... "Tell me more..." "How shall we find out more..?" ... "Wow this is so interesting! What do you think about...?" .."Why do you think this?.." and sometimes just a simple ponder "hmmmm" can be effective in opening up a conversation!

Come Outside

Some parents may remember this fantastic, educational series from when they were a child!

It's still engaging and interesting for children to watch now and lots of the episodes our up for free on youtube!

Maddie's do you know

Is a modern version of Come Outside, where Maddie explores the world around her and discovers how things work. This is more suitable for 4 + year olds.

Episodes can be found on BBC iplayer

CBeebies is also showing episodes at 4.20pm Mon - Friday


Teletubbies has new series out which has been made for a more modern audience and is suitable for toddlers +

Teletubbies has been created with educational consultants and has an educational purposes in mind for 3-5 year olds. It has been designed to help children develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills in fun, loving way.

National Day Nurseries Association has released a free parent online guide that explains the series links to EYFS.

BBC iplayer are showing lots of episodes online for a limited time

CBeebies is also showing episodes every weekday at 7am and 10.10am


Numberblocks is about a fun loving group of numbers who work together to solve problems big and small. It's suitable for 3 + years

Parent guide on how to promote maths at home for 0-6 years

BBC iplayer are showing series 1-4 online

CBeebies is also showing episodes at 6.55am & 1.15pm Mon - Fri


Play along with the fun and loving letters of the alphabet as they work together to make words and tell stories. Suitable for 3-5 years

Alphablocks phonics tool kit for parents can be found here

BBC iplayer are showing series 2-4 online

CBeebies is also showing episodes at 1.05pm Mon - Fri

Get Well Soon

Dr Ranj and friends discover facts about health and hospitals. You can also listen and sing a long to songs. Suitable for pre school children

CBeebies is showing an episode very Saturday at 1.30 pm


Important Notice

Children should always been supervised when watching online videos and safeguarded from the internet. Be aware of what your child is watching and doing during their screen time and observe how much screen time they are having.

It's important that a healthy positive balance for screen time is maintained.

The National Crime Agency has an education programme Thinkuknow which has some useful information, tips and questions on how to keep under 5's safe online.

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