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Being Ready for School

Updated: 6 days ago


Check out the Transition Webinar by East Hertfordshire Children's Services!

It has some useful information and tips for families starting school this September.

Hertfordshire also have a Five-Week Series on Facebook:

They will be sharing a series of informative posts on Facebook. These sessions will cover various aspects of transitions and offer practical tips and strategies for parents.

  •  Week 1 – promoting independence         

  • Week 2 - Toilet Training and hand washing ready for school         

  • Week 3 – Loving Learning       

  • Week 4 – Turn taking and asking for help         

  • Week 5 - Talking about School


  • We're ready for school by Health for under 5's - shares lots of essential skills children need, the page includes a lovely video too - which is really helpful for anxious families.

Check out BBC Bitesize!

It has a useful tool kit online which gives advice to families with children starting school.

It has 4 web pages of articles and videos which goes into both emotional and practical elements of the transition.


Don't miss Little Sparrows tips for getting your child ready for big school:

Being Ready for Big School
Download PDF • 193KB

Washing Hands Poster
Download PDF • 4.24MB

Washing hand poster - to help your child practice how to wash their hands properly and keep themselves healthy.

Here I come, I am Starting School
Download PDF • 306KB

Here I come, I am starting school!

Hertfordshire guide to support families and children as your child starts school.

Parent Guide by Nursery World

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