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Being Ready for School

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Preparing your child to be ready for school is important in helping to give your child the best start to their school life. Below are some tips and skills which could help prepare your child for starting school in September.

1. To be confident to ask for help when needed. You will most likely be very familiar to the noises of frustration your child makes when they want something and without your child using any words, you automatically know what your child needs. However, it’s important that your child is able to communicate their needs using words effectively. Next time your child makes the sounds when they seek out your help, encourage them to ask for help. “What do you say if you need help with something?”

2. To persevere when things get tricky - This is such an essential life skill!

Give positive praise and encouragement to your child to persevere during tricky tasks such as doing their zip up on their coat. “You are doing a good job with that zip, I can see you are working hard” or “Oo show me how you think we can do that? .. “Oh yes, great idea..keep trying!”

3. To be resilient and self regulate emotions – being able to bounce. back from stressors or challenges. Role model to your child how to bounce back when things go wrong or become stressful using a positive mindset.

4. To be independent in self-help skills (particularly with the current COVID pandemic)

  • Washing their hands properly by wetting their hands first, rubbing in the soap (on top & underneath of hand, in between fingers & thumbs) and then washing off the soap - see poster attached below.

  • Wiping their own nose and bottom

  • Putting on & zipping up their own coat & doing the buttons on their uniform

  • Putting on their own shoes & socks - avoiding buying clothes which shoes which your child may not be able to do themselves such as lace up shoes or buttons on coats.

  • Opening their own lunch box if they are bringing their own food to school

  • Rubbing in their own sun cream by practising using the mirror

  • Being able to use a knife and fork

5. To be confident in counting, recognising and using numbers 1-10

6. To have a good tripod hold when using pencils and to be able to use scissors

7. To recognise and write their own name and to know their full name & address

8. To recognise some letter names and phonic sounds. The Jolly Phonics song on Youtube is fantastic at making learning phonics fun! We highly recommend this!

9. Get your child into a healthy, organised routine in the morning, with a good bed time & story routine too. Ensure they are eating well to have the energy and nutrients they need for a full day at school.


Check out BBC Bitesize!

It has a useful tool kit online which gives advice to families with children starting school.

It has 4 web pages of articles and videos which goes into both emotional and practical elements of the transition.

Washing Hands Poster
Download PDF • 4.24MB

Washing hand poster - to help your child practice how to wash their hands properly.

Here I come, I am Starting School
Download PDF • 306KB

Here I come, I am starting school!

Hertfordshire guide to support families and children as your child starts school.

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