Questions & Answers

Little Sparrows has remained open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and we have supported many Key Working families in our community. 

We are following the Government guidance for Schools and Early Years settings and we regularly receive up to date information from our Local Authority, Herts. The full guidance can be found here.



  • From March 22nd 2021 Hertfordshire will be sending rapid tests directly to our setting for all our employees. This means all of our staff team will be testing themselves twice a week, each week.

  • Parents are also encouraged to get themselves regularly tested at one of the rapid test sites in Herts.



  • Behind the scenes we are very busy working to keep everyone as safe as possible. We have extensive cleaning measures and robust cleaning schedules in place.

  • At present we are using the V2 antiviral disinfectant which is proven to kill coronavirus. We have temporarily put our usual eco-friendly products on hold - they will be back as soon as things feel a bit safer.

  • We also have air purifiers installed which continuously cleans the fresh air - we have an air flow system built in which brings fresh air into the playrooms from the outside.

  • We have implemented a comprehensive risk assessment which is kept updated so we are always reflecting and minimising potential risks where possible.

  • Staff are equipped with the right PPE and hand sanitiser

  • Parents are currently not able to come inside the Nursery unless they have a meeting scheduled. We have social distance queuing outside the Nursery during drop off and collection times.

  • We are currently not having extra curricular professionals coming in, however, our staff have stretched their skills and are delivering some of the classes. For the Autumn term, yoga and athletics takes place twice a week for the over 3’s and after Christmas we will be doing yoga, dance and ball skills.




  • Mixed age play is huge part of our ethos so we are pleased that we can now start to gradually introduce this at set times during the day.

  • We generally operate in 2 separate bubble groups – the under 3’s and over 3’s

  • The under 3’s have lots of space for their free flow play – from the front room, middle room, main room and outside covered area. They also have regular access to the garden.

  • The over 3’s have absolutely embraced the outdoors. We have a new outdoor classroom in the playground and they have spent nearly all day, every day outside in a rich environment. The children are absolutely loving it and the learning seen so far has been incredible. We have put together an outdoor kit list which can be found here.



  • Children still receive the same level of emotional care. If your child needs a cuddle, we are here for them.

  • All children receive the same high quality learning plans and learning journey folders (which is yours to keep)

  • Each child has a main key person and a back up key person

  • Parents can still regularly touch base with us, we just ask to call us instead of speaking face to face for the time being.



At the start of the pandemic we turned part of our playground into an outdoor classroom and the results have been amazing. We still of course, carefully plan activities which link into all 7 areas of EYFS, the only difference is that it takes place in the richer environment of outdoors. Our new outdoor classroom has roller blind sides which can be put down in windy or wet weather. It also has an outdoor sink and vast amounts of space to set up exciting activities.