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Welcome to Little Sparrows - an Early Years Nursery with Outdoor Learning and a Montessori Dimension.

For over 30 years, we have been nurturing children in helping them to become creative, resilient and happy little learners.

At Little Sparrows we do things a little differently. We encourage outdoor learning as much as possible with a Montessori attitude. We treat our learners as competent individuals which builds on their self-esteem, confidence and physical and mental well-being.


We want to build a generation of children who love to learn. Learning is so much more than learning set skills and passing tests – it is about developing a positive attitude towards learning new things and a passion and a curiosity for the world!


We nurture the process of learning and encourage our learners to keep trying when things get challenging, to question why things happen and to bounce back when things do not quite go to plan.


Our little learners are encouraged to think critically, to create without restrictions and to learn at their own pace. We give the children the freedom and the space to investigate, make mistakes and to take risks without the pressure of failing.



Little Sparrows is the longest standing Day Nursery in the Borough of Broxbourne. For over 3 decades we have been caring and nurturing children from 6 month - 5 years!


Cheryl has been managing the Nursery since it opened in 1989 and holds a Montessori and NNEB qualification. Her daughter, Rachel attended the Nursery when it opened as a child herself and now co-manages the business with Cheryl. Rachel's love for the early years led her to accomplish a BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies and focuses on innovating and training. 


We believe that with the power of great practice, together, we can transform children’s lives and build a future of learners who love to learn, discover and create.


Our mission is to provide exceptional childcare and education in a rich and real environment. We inspire our learners to achieve without limits.


What makes us unique is that we question, challenge and develop new ideas to deliver the best experiences. We constantly reflect on our practice and our environment.  We are always learning. 




We are here to support you at every step in your journey with us. Our practitioners work together with you and your family, so your child can get the best out of their education at Nursery and at home. We encourage all of our families to share their adventures (no matter how small) to bring part of your home life into Little Sparrows.


Want to find out more about how outside learning can really benefit your child's growth and development.
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Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to find out more about Little Sparrows Day Nursery.

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