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MATHS Team Training

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We are SO pleased to share that we have one of the strongest maths provision in this part of Hertfordshire!

We had a visit from our Early Years Consultant and she was very impressed with how we have embedded maths into our setting.

She was also amazed (if you don't mind me saying so) at how outstanding my circle time was. She was really impressed with how I stretched children's learning and supported some children through difficult feelings - which had arisen whilst she was observing.

Our circle sessions are such an important part in teaching children new knowledge, how to listen to others and turn take.

We do set the bar high at Little Sparrows and train our team to meet this consistency. It's lovely to get the recognition for this from fellow professionals ☺️

The consultant was actually quite upset to have missed an opportunity to film it, to help train other practitioners in Hertfordshire.

In this months Team Training session, we have reflected on MATHS!


Embed maths in all you do and avoid those closed questions "What colour is that! What number is that!"

Maths is interesting and fun, not a test! We boost children's confidence, not set them up to fail, by asking them a question they may not know the answer to.


  • Model math lang "more, less, empty, all gone, half full...oh you would like more?" In role play.."Could I have half a cup of tea?" "5 sugars please!"

  • Model describing words for proposition lang "On top, under, behind, next to"

  • Lots of describing words "heavy, light, gigantic, tiny, tall, wide, large, thin"... "wiggly, bumpy, slanted, pointy, twisty".. "Cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere"

  • Natural counting during routines and play "I,2,3!"

  • Practice counting objects "Oh look 1..2 socks! You have a pair" "Could you count me out 4 forks for dinner?"

  • Talk about patterns on clothes "spotty dotty, stripy"

  • Talk about shapes and colours in the environment

  • When cutting fruit, introduce simple fractions "Im cutting the apple in half, now I have 2"

  • Allow exploration & creativity in construction & puzzles. Allow mistakes to happen so children can problem solve themselves and try to work it out. Praise their efforts and perseverance "Wow you nearly worked that out".. "that was so tricky but you kept on trying" .."hmm I wonder why that doesn't fit" .."where shall we put the next piece?"

  • Encourage children to build their own roadways & tracks and investigate what happens if I put this piece here and how do I join this together.

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